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Natural Soap and Flowers
Nourish your body & calm your mind with our natural + organic spa treatments.


*Recently renovated room*


Come relax in our salt therapy room to experience the benefits of Halotherapy! You can book for just yourself, or up to 2 people per session. We have 2 luxury heated spa beds that are completely adjustable so you can sit, lounge or lay down during your halotherapy session. You will be super cozy and warm throughout your 45 min session! 


This beautiful room is surrounded with heated salt lamps and stones to emit negative ions into the space. When your session starts, a salt vaporizer called the HALO FX  will pump dry heated salt vapor into the air to start the respiratory therapy. You will now just simply relax while listening to our spa music until your session is over! 

Tip:  Focus on deep breathing throughout your session to feel the full benefits of the salt inhalation. You can alternate breathing through the nose and the mouth. Also, try 3 consecutive breaths periodically to feel a sense of grounding, relieve tense muscles, lower blood pressure and ultimately feel instant stress relief. This is a super easy way to get into a calm and relaxed state!

To learn more about our salt therapy and see pictures, please visit our FAQ'S Page

adults - 45 min sessions
kids under 12 - 45 min sessions
add on - add to any service
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